sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

A daughter to call moon singing along with the stars.
She breaths, she drinks a cup of coffee and apreciate the soft far wind , years away from her .
Lost between youth and responsabilities, almost catching her old dreams, she builds others while tries to feel her fifteens, the taste of peanut butter, the freedom of vacation and the mock love growin up into her heart.

She dreams, she sings along the wind the song of the moon's love and loves her moon, whos inside of her, waiting for future.

domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

i dont believe u

it weren't my world, it didn't even make sense for my own perspective, my own reality
I think you should watch out, cause till now the road's gonna be the best you can do
for you, for future, for dreams, to dream bigger as the days are passing by;

forget the suffering you're gonna face for this present months (might be 3 at least)
you'll fall off you're beatiful white horse, pretty darling, I gotta tell you
everything lasts, and, WHAT A SHAME! It will last too, right now, right this next days.

Those things, that place's gonna be real, is gonna be the right place and the right person.
Your place will be right far of that